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Introducing... VTOLive, the leading virtual eyewear try-on solution

Look into our digital mirror to select your glasses in real-time!


Perfect Features

just what your patients or clients need...

Real Time

Our unique Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality algorithms allows for a real time digital mirror experience that users appreciate and creates a WOOW factor!


Easy & Fast

Simple and fast to use which is very important because the attention span is very low for online users.


Ultra Realistic

Eyeglasses and sunglasses look very realistic with real reflection, texture, and material.

smartphone-1 NEW FREE

FREE for a limited time!

Our unique solution is available to small and medium independent eyewear companies during this pandemic period. This is our way to assist in the economic resurgance of the important sector of SMEs.


Get the full statistical details of how users like to know how they look like with your frames! All major analytics solutions are supported.

smartphone-3 DATA 100%


A highly reliable powerful backend is available for storage of eyewear data, such as 3D glasses models and images.

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Our Story

disrupting the disruptor

Early 2020 when the global pandemic just started, two brothers, Dave and John Vankeel, decided to use their time in lockdown to bootstrap their business. Both have been in the IT industry for many years and have developed advanced solutions using technologies such as AI and AR for global companies. Dave and John got their business idea during a recently held family gathering. Their uncle, who used to work in the eyewear industry, came up with the idea to solve the problem that patients still face when selecting eyeglasses. And so after some considerable time and effort implementing the business idea with the assistance of their previous developed modules it resulted in a solution very much suitable for the current environment that requires social distancing: VTOLive.

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It started with an idea to solve problems patients and clients currently have with traditional eyewear shopping...

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The 2020 pandemic triggered the bootstrapping of our company!

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Press Releases

  1. VanKeel Solutions Offers Free 3D Live VTO To Independent Eyewear Vendors - 12 May 2020
  2. PlanetVA Acquires VTO Startup VanKeel Solutions - 15 June 2020

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